Hair Care

Our hair care is specifically formulated with nourishing ingredients for healthy, strong and shiny hair. Designed to ensure the proper ph these products won't fry or damage your hair.  Our key ingredients include:

Bamboo extract -The bamboo stems are high in silica deposits which give smoothness, shininess and strength to hair

Quaternized Lemon Shine; A lemon protein that has been hydrolyzed to decrease the pH. It is a cationic ingredient that is used as a moisturizer and conditioner is hair and skin products. 

DL-Panthenol- Also known as Provitamin B5 gives the hair moisture and shine and reduces split ends

STEPANQUAT® Helia -a natural conditioning agent made from non-GMO sunflower oil.  It is 88% bio-based and readily biodegradable. A very mild cationic surfactant that smooths each individual hair strand for super-soft, manageable hair.  It provides excellent wet and dry combability on hair, as well as excellent detangling and a soft, conditioned feel to the the hair

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate- A sulfate free surfactant derived from coconut oil. Often referred to as Baby Foam because it is an extremely gentle surfactant that is mild enough for baby cleansers, personal hygiene and toiletries 

Rhodiola extract - from the golden root plant (Rhodiola rosea). Strengthens and invigorates the hair making it look healthy, shiny and stronger