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Men's minis: Sandalwood, Olive branch, Cubans & Cognac, Acqua di Gio, Bay rum and Hymalayan sea salt

Foot soaks: scented with organic peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oils

DeodorantsFinally a natural deodorant that really works!  Made with natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil and cocoa butter with additives like activated charcoal and diatomaceous clay.  Free of aluminum, steareths, parabens, phtalates and triclosan!

Bath salts: Activated chrcoal, sea salt, hymalayan pink salt, alea red salt and dentritic salt.  Everything you need to help you relax and ease sore muscles

Soy wax Candles: Slow and clean burning ecosoy wax candles.  Great for ambiance and aromatherapy

Bath bomb cream filled donuts: An amazing bath treat you’ll love!  Step one- remove the top donut half and place in your bath water to enjoy the fizz, colour and scent. Step 2- crumble the “filling” in the running bath water to make bubbles. Step 3- enjoy (knowing you have the bottom half of the donut bomb to use for your next bath

Exfoliating bath glove: Exfoliate your skin with the help of this sisal bath glove.  Helps slogh off dead cells and stimulate skin to help reduce cellulite