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Bath salts (with calming magnesium)

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Bath salts are a quick, clean and easy way to enjoy a luxurious bath. Made up of completely naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients such as Himalayan  salt, magnesium chloride, sea salt, epsom salt, dentritic salt as well as Ceara bath crystals (Australian), Aleae red salt ( Island of Kauai), French grey salt (Breton) & solar sea salt (Utah)

Transdermal absorption is the best way to increase Magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium is crucial for wellbeing and helps improve skin health, sleep, relaxation and muscle tension. 

Cool Comfort is peppered with essential oils such as *peppermint, *tea tree, *eucalyptus, *rosemary, *wintergreen, *spearmint and camphor (*=certifies organic)

Aphrodisiac is sprinkled with a beautiful blend of essential oils containing coriander, juniper berry, sweet orange oil, palmarosa, geranium, cardamom & patchouli. 

Summer Romance: is delicately scented in sweet orange and clove essential oils with Ylang Ylang phtalate free fragrance

Lavender Lemon: is scented with a beautiful mix of Lavender & Litsea cubeba essential oils

Karma: a sensual phtalate free fragrance that blends patchouli, lavender sweet orange, lemongrass